Dusk to Dark to Dawn

With the onset of the
belly heavy clouds, the
day darkens

the sky is blanketed over
and its lids, like the clouds
so gentle in tucking it under,
grow heavier

put to rest – at least for
a drowsy while, too short
and capricious – are the worries
of the idle infant

words blurring into recognitions
of fonts ubiquitous; formal
desirous and greedy fonts,
the authors of which now
also grow tired

lighted and buzzing however
are streets where footfall
is ironically heaviest. Yes,
many may still retire to
the safety of a curtained window

but it is from this vantage
that one sleepier soul might
hear hollers from inebriates
who don’t tend to worry about
the weight of clouds

it is not of their concern if the
weight of their heads on their
hands grow heavier as the clouds
grow lighter

they too are a font, a trope
perhaps, as ubiquitous as
the rising of the sun.

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