A friend of mine has seen this for the big screen:

A high pitched squeal from the tiniest of mouths
Thundered across the living room sky.

It heralded the destruction of a tower block,
The debris scattered across carpet –
The dumpling sized fist flung without remorse –
Of purity in thought.

Raising what remained of the foundations
To its mouth –
The creature chewed.

Perplexed, I watched on as a second creature appeared
Who seemed to be older and female and wiser.
She tugged the creature’s hand away and distracted it
By throwing a car into a house, semi-detached.

The creature gleefully giggled and made to imitate
But knelt on a power station and wailed in pain and surprise.
The loudness of the scream reduced the room to inactivity,
One might’ve thought it awoke boring Gods from chatter.

One of these Gods risked its own exposure and entered
The mortal world of play and destruction, chastising the
Creature for its own style of behaviour.

This God removed the creature – made it simply disappear –
Leaving what was left of the city to rebuild itself.

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